Driver Training

The provision of defensive Driver Training / Risk Assessment is to provide the technique of assessing drivers who are susceptible to having the most accidents, under certain circumstances. This is crucial to ensure that all drivers risk levels are correctly identified and maintained.

‘Statistics shows that 20% of drivers fall into a high risk category.’

Actions which can be taken into consideration to ensure the health and safety awareness of drivers are:

Online Training

Some of the benefits of developing defensive driving skills online are:

FleetSafe has developed a close partnership with E-Training World, a leading specialist in the provision of online training and driver assessment solutions.

For more information, please Click Here for their website.

In Car Training

Some of the benefits of developing in car defensive training are:

FleetSafe has formed close partners with Universal Driver Training, one of the leading Corporate Driver Training organisations in the UK and Northern Ireland.

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  • In Car Training
  • Close Monitoring
  • Online Training
  • In Car Training
  • Regular Monitoring
  • Online Training
  • Seminars
  • Refreshers
  • Annual Monitor
  • No Action

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