Breakdown Cover

FleetSafe Control have partnered with the RAC to provide breakdown cover to support your needs. Better than that we have secured you discounts for their services. You can choose between all their standard options or work on pay per call out.

Standard Options:

Roadside – The basic level of cover from the RAC provides roadside assistance anywhere in the UK 24 hours a day (providing that you are at least a quarter of a mile away from your home), access to RAC solicitors and personal injury claims experts, and a tow to the nearest RAC garage within 10 miles.

Roadside + Nationwide Recovery – Everything covered by the basic Roadside level of cover but with added Nationwide Recovery protection, enabling you and up to 7 others to get to your destination if effective repairs cannot be made at the roadside.

Roadside + At Home – Combines both the At Home and Roadside Assistance services, effectively providing cover for full roadside support all across the UK, meaning that

Roadside + Nationwide Recovery + Onward Travel - Includes the basic Roadside level of cover plus Nationwide Recovery protection, and also the additional benefit of Onward Travel cover, allowing a repacement car, overnight accomodation or onward travel.

Roadside + At Home + Nationwide Recovery – Provides mechanical assistance on the road and at your driveway with Roadside Assistance and At Home, and the option of emergency transport should you need it with Nationwide Recovery.

Roadside + Nationwide Recovery + At Home + Onward Travel – Covering full breakdown and repair assistance whether you are on the road or at home as well as a range of replacement transport options including Nationwide Recovery transport, and three days use of a hired car, funding for alternative transport or overnight accommodation with the provided Onward Travel cover.

See what discounts we can secure for you.

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