Accident Management

This is a key area which all companies should have mapped out and communicated to their drivers. With the right service provider accidents can be managed without fuss and with as little disruption as possible.

FleetSafe Control can provide key information on service providers as well as the right documentation should clients wish to tackle in house.

FleetSafe Control Partners Offer a comprehensive service:

Minimal paperwork - The Accident Management team completes the driver claim form electronically whilst taking details by phone. The driver typically signs completed forms after the event.

Fully Managed Service - The process immediately triggers a number of activities that may include vehicle recovery, driver repatriation, uninsured loss recovery, third party claims handling, replacement vehicle and insurance claims notification. All involved parties are kept up-to-date.

Analysis automatically takes place and the management information produced can then be used to determine required courses of action.


Uninsured Loss Recovery

As an incident is reported the Accident Management team will identify whether there is an uninsured loss claim to be made and then activate the uninsured loss recovery process. Their in-house legal expertise is used to bring a speedy response and settlement of the claim.

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